Top 5 Films to Motivate Healthy Living

Face it… need motivation to cook and eat real food. Then again, so do I.

Within a mile from my house, there are the following:

  • 2 large grocery chain stores
  • 10 fast food chains
  • 3 local fast food chains

When I look at my local community, I can’t help but agree with Katherine Tucker who is the professor and chair of the Department of Health Sciences at Northeastern University. She says that our environmental changes are designed “to favor effi­ciency and reduced phys­ical activity.”  There seems to be a “rapid increase in the con­sump­tion of con­ve­nience and restau­rant foods. All sec­tors of the food industry have increased por­tion sizes over time, so that people are eating far more calo­ries than they realize.”

(c) Claudia @ Losing Ambition. Ballard Farmers Market, Seattle WA USA

If we are surrounded by bad triggers and are unable to say no to the super size or the smell of a fried potato, we need a motivation bank to fall back on when we are tired, bored, or just plain lazy.

Top 5 Healthy Living and Food Films

The following list highlights my favourite movies and documentaries about healthy living and eating real foods. Farming, food politics, and strikingly aggressive viewpoints will all be discussed in these films. Whatever your personal viewpoints, these films will stick with you whether you agree with them or not.  The goal is to get us talking about eating real food and to understand that what we eat is important for our own health and the health of our nation:

  1. Food Matters. Controversial topics highlight this documentary film. Mainly, certain foods can cure ailments and health issues such as cancer, hearth disease, and depression. Its undertone is that it does matter what one puts in their body.
  2. The Future of Food. With a focus on the farmer and the US farming community, “The Future of Food” discusses the quality and labeling of our food in grocery stores. The farmers and food politics collide when companies try to patent “life”.  International politics, US corn market, and monoculture farming are highlighted.
  3. HBO: The Weight of a Nation. This film is a four part documentary with in-depth studies, interviews, and outlooks on Americas obesity issues. There is a crisis which cannot be solved with one solution. It highlights the scope of the problem, the science, the issues facing our children, and the driving cause.
  4. Food, Inc. Focusing on farming land, animals, and the agribusiness, with a hint of sustainability, this film discusses how farming and business are (are not) environmentally conscious.  We learn about food labeling practises and the reasons behind our cheap food…chemicals.
  5. Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution. Barjac, France is the setting for this documentary.  The town mayor decreed that all local schools would serve all organic food.  You’ll see children being served their meals as well as them using knives and forks. The outcome is positive; however, there are discussions about farming practises and cancer rates amongst children.

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