Move to Lose – Moving to a Different Country to Lose Weight

There isn’t anything like discovering that a once fleeting thought is now a reality. Why would I do something so extreme to get healthier? Moving to a different country to lose weight? Am I mad? I thought about this for a while.


When I was growing up, I participated in way too many competitions. There was ballet dancing, baton twirling, horseback riding, modelling, and a national pageant or two. In college, I competed in engineering competitions, math competitions, and writing.

To prepare, I practised for many many hours. I watched others perform. I went to conventions. I flew all over the world getting taught by other professionals, and then I put all in practical application. I wrote about my art. I had teachers and professionals watch my performances. I was constantly criticized to make a better performer. To make a winner.

I didn’t read a website or a book and expecd to be able to be successful or win. I had to LIVE IT. I had to be in the mix. I had to see and be surrounded by whatever it was I was doing.

Changing Paradigm, Changing Countries

Perhaps the way I eat, my environment, and lifestyle isn’t conducive to what I want to do. My life in the United States isn’t in-line with the way I want to live. I’ve tried to change. I tried to do more walking; lessen my proportions. Bought local organic food and cooked more…. all the things that I am willing to do to change my lifestyle and lose weight. It worked… to a degree.  But it didn’t stick.

I need to get out of my element for a while. Study. Learn. Live in the change. Shake it up. Moving to a different country to lose weight, change my lifestyle, and paradigm.

Yes, I need this.

Thankfully, this is the right time; the right thing to do. My husband is on board. The dog will come with me.  The adventure and a new lifestyle is coming September 2012!

Why Move?

Like with perfecting an art, I need the hands-on practise. Perhaps I will not lose weight. Perhaps I will. I don’t know. I do know that I want to learn a new way of living; a new culture.

People do crazy things to lose weight. They will sign themselves up for a spa (otherwise known as fat camps), have surgery, or do other things to harm themselves. I am signing myself up for a lifestyle change. A self-guided look into another way to live. Frankly, I’m quite excited.


Germany. To be specific, the Southwest corner of Germany. I will be living close to Switzerland and France.

I chose this region of Germany for a few reasons. I can get a long-stay visa easily, the area is known for its eco-living and sustainability, and it is close to France.

The Reality Moving forward

The thought is sinking in.

  • I am moving to Germany to get healthier and lose weight.
  • I am going to learn a new culture and lifestyle.
  • I am going to learn new ways to live a sustainable lifestyle.
  • and……..

This is a good idea.


9 responses to “Move to Lose – Moving to a Different Country to Lose Weight

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  2. Good for you! I wish you the very best. Moving to another country has been a huge topic amongst my closest friends lately. Our motivations weren’t for healther lifestyles, but thinking about it, being healthier is a major part of it. I think it’s awesome that you’re taking such a big step to better enrich your life! I look forward to hearing all about it 🙂

    • I have always lost weight when visiting France or Germany. Others on vacation have experienced it as well. What I want to know is… why? I know we always walk more, but we also eat more when on vacation. So….why? Culture? Food quality? What? Someone must get to the bottom of this. I think it is time to see what happens long term. I have read too many books about this topic and am very curious as to why.

      I am looking forward to your story as well. Together we may come up with something.

      Cheers, C

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    • Hello Gas Station Gourmand! Yes, indeed, I have read it…along with many others such as Fat Fallacy, French Don’t Diet, etc. I love the idea, theory, plan. I tried it here in the States, but it’s not the same. I need real-time practice. Plus, I think it would be fun. What are your honest thoughts on this method of learning about health, culture, food?

      • I am from a FOBy foreign family and have lived in quite a few countries – I maintain a healthy balance currently, just with more gym time than the average European (ie – 3 nights a week, one hour classes of different activities). Moderate exercise + eating at home + drinking plenty of water + finding the right balance for you = longtime health happiness.

        I read an article of habits true of successfully fit people (couldn’t find it, this one is pretty close) but this is extremely true. I gauge its truthfulness by people like my mother, who’s never dieted or exercised a day in her life!

      • What a fabulous article! That is exactly what I read about in Euro-type food culture books. It is quite simple and intuitive isn’t it?!
        Balance is key and can be lost in a day-to-day life. With me, I find a swift kick in the pants gets the balance level again. In this case, a move.
        If you have tips, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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