Failed at Losing Weight but Haven’t Fallen

The story of the caryatid isn’t clear, but she is seen holding great buildings since the 1st century BC.  She is a pillar of strength burdened by the heavy weight of buildings mostly in Greek architecture. What if she were too tired to stand?

Sometimes I feel a heavy burden or, rather, the little voice in my head which usually comes in the form of a headache—but mostly it is screaming. My most stressing burden is to keep my dreams  and health goals alive. It is so easy to live day-to-day and forget your long-term goals. Going to work Monday through Friday, cooking meals, reading a good book and the occasional hobby all distract. I couldn’t imagine having children to focus on as well. Life.

Although keeping myself fed with good real food and loosing squishy weight is no easy task, the long-term outlook sometimes gets lost. And in my case, is sometimes forgotten for weeks at a time. This scares me.  Here in the Pacific Northwest it seems easy: local organic markets, delivery services, farms, etc.  I am surrounded by opportunities to eat well……if I want to drive 45 mins to get to Seattle.  In my current area North of Seattle, I have 6 fast food places within a 2 block walk. SIX!  To buy real local food, I would have to drive to the farmers market which happens only once per week for a 4 month period. It’s not impossible to get good market food, but it certainly is easier to drive my lazy self to the chain grocery to buy a conventionally grown red pepper than it is to drive 45 minutes to the next local organic grocery store. Certainly, I have been thinking about these issues too much these days. I feel a solid stone rock on my head. How can American’s change a food lifestyle when the one you may want isn’t available?

(c) Claudia 2007. Rodin Museum, Paris France

However, isn’t this point the very thing I am discovering? Life. Food. Health. Peace. Balance. All things, I believe, humans want and desire. We hurry and get caught up in our lives that we don’t have time for healthy eating even though it is available everywhere. The TV, grocery store magazines, and radio all headlines ways to lose weight, eat more, eat less, exercise more, and the latest diet craze. American’s general health is at risk for the younger generation. The last magazine cover I saw (pick any of them) states that there is a growing concern of our children having more food allergies than before. Why would this be? Those questions’ answers are a dissertation long.

So, yes, the burdens of our current lives are heavy, but never give up. Never astray from your goal even if you are set back. Unlike the caryatid still holding her burden for centuries, we can be inspired by Rodin’s “The Fallen Caryatid”.

Although she failed, she has not fallen.

Everything is changing. As a society we move forward. It’s inescapable. The hope is that we move forward for the better not the worst. I think a major change is in order.


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