What would you do to lose weight? (Video)

People are known to do extreme things for what they want. That is, if they want it bad enough.

In the diet realm, this is true. Doing anything you can to lose weight quickly is desired. Starvation, low-calorie, and the lose-20-pounds-in-2-weeks diets are more popular than ever. Diet pills promising to raise your metabolism; usually leaving you hungry, dehydrated, and shaky and people eating only grapefruits and eggs. Of course, there is exercising everyday with vigorous fervor and the most extreme method…surgery.

A few of these worked. I lost weight; however, I could not keep up the extreme amount of exercise on a daily basis for multiple years. Also, I now have an extreme hate for grapefruit.

After one tries a diet, we are pleased with the results only to be disappointed and depressed when the weight comes back. And it will.

Learning to change your life and the way you eat, I believe, will take time.  During this time, there will be failures… and that’s o.k.. It’s a check and balance.

What would you do to lose weight? Be honest with yourself. It is easy to say that you would join a gym, go running everyday, or never eat cake; how realistic is this?

How can an American learn to change their eating habits when everyone around them is stuffing themselves at the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet?

How can I go for a walk everyday when there are no sidewalks or safe places to walk my dog?

What can a person do to lose weight and change their paradigm?

What would you do if you wanted to change your food outlook in a culture of fast food?

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