Treatment for a Diet Coke Addiction


Hello. My name is Claudia and I was a Diet Coke addict. I would drink it with lunch and dinner; I hated drinking plain water. Usually, I would buy a two liter bottle every day finishing the whole thing.

I specifically say “Diet Coke” because I never drank Pepsi or any other diet soda brand.

For years I wanted to drink less and oftentimes I wanted to quit; although, I felt that this was impossible. At meals, I would crave it. At the grocery store, a two liter was cheaper than real fruit juice, bottled water, beer, and wine. Even at my office building fed my addiction which added to the downward spiral.

At work, cans of soda were FREE. As many as you wanted. Coke products. Pepsi products. All Free.

Of course, I knew about the side effects. I knew about the studies which varied depending on who conducted the research. But it didn’t matter because of the varied results and the “could be bad for you” or “possible” side effects.

One thing was for certain, it wasn’t GOOD for the body. I didn’t have to look for conclusive evidence; all I needed to do was to listen to what my body said. It was not in balance and one thing I could do was to quit drinking Diet Coke.

Treatment plan for the Diet Coke Addict

  • Identify what you like about soda
    • Is it the citrus, caffeine, or maybe the fizzy? For me, it was the fizzy bubbles. I substituted sparkling water with real juice or a lemon.  A little fresh mint works as well.
    • Warning: be careful with the sugar level in fruit juices and look at the label –some juices have added sugar.
  • Surroundings & situations
    • When soda is free at the office, why not grab one? This was difficult to overcome. I tried to keep myself as busy as possible and try not to walk into the kitchen area at work. For this, BRING YOUR OWN DRINK to work.
    • Eating out in a restaurant. When going through a drive-thru for your bag of grease burger, options for type of drink become: regular or diet soda. By trying not to eat at these types of places, you can cut your soda intake down.
  • Grocery stores
    • Do you live in an area that has a grocery store that doesn’t have the Coke or Pepsi brand of soda? If so, try buying your food and drink there. If this isn’t possible, stay on the perimeter of the store and avoid the inner isles.

It’s been over 4 years since I stopped drinking Diet Coke. I have walked past the free sodas at work many times. When I have drunk a can, it never was as pleasurable as it used to be. Thankfully. Curing my Diet Coke addiction has helped greatly and has led me on a path to more pleasurable eating, drinking, and enjoying life.  Although I am still working on proper eating habits, this step was vital.

It’s not easy even when you want to quit, but give it a try and let me know how you do. What works for you?

And if you, Darren Jones, are reading this wanting to quit your 42 liter per week Diet Coke habit, please contact me.

Reading Material

Science News, “Diet sodas  may confuse brain’s ‘calorie counter'”

Huffington Post, “Soda’s Health Risks: How Bad Is It Really?”

Feingold, Some Studies on Aspartame

Harvard School of Public Health, “Sugary Soft Drinks and Type 2 Diabetes”


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